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Gianni Matragrano

(Year refers to role announcement, not project release date.)



Bears in Space (2024)

Role: Maxwell Atoms, Trailer Narrator, Chefbot, Yo Dawg, Guard Bot, Cardborganites, Sven, Carnival Announcer, Dave Attenbotta, Vin Botsal, Bottle Berry Ferry Captain, Hivey, Spence, Grobian, Bartender, Robbiewood Producer, Big Top Entrance, Chicken Farmer, Real Chicken Farmer

Client: PLAION

Fida Puti Samurai (2024)

Role: Zanardi, Commander, Brute, Octopus Commander

Client: Zanardi & Liza

Chimera CUSTOM XG (2024)

Role: Trailer VO

Client: Volok Games

Blood Crossroad (2024)

Role: William

Client: Serafini Productions

Another Crab's Treasure (2024)

Role: Roland

Client: Aggro Crab

Book of Korvald [18+] (2023)

Role: Jörmungandr, Jester/The Fool

Client: Shady Corner Games

Ready or Not (2023)

Role: Officer

Client: VOID Interactive


Role: Announcer

Client: PQube

Sapphire Safari [18+]  (2023)

Role: Chaddington Crusoe

Client: Critical Bliss

CASTILLO: The Nine Circles (2023)

Role: Shopkeeper

Client: Jackson Clayton

The Burst (2023)

Role: Hornet

Client: GoRapid Studio

SIGIL (2023)

Role: Answering Machine

Client: Albedo Informatics

FatalZone (2023)

Role: Narrator

Client: 101XP

Devilated (2023)

Role: Deer 315, Narrator, Merchant

Client: Neon Doctrine

The Last Exterminator (2023)

Role: Phones, WarBeetle

Client: Ironworks Games

77p Egg: Eggwife (2023)

Role: Pedestrians, Cow Boss

Client: Hyperstrange

Boti: Byteland Overclocked (2023)

Role: Goodput, Glitcher, Coulombot

Client: Purple Ray Studios, Untold Tales

Escape From Lavender Island (2023)

Role: Narrator

Client: Jeremy Couillard

My Friendly Neighborhood (2023)

Role: Curt 'N Call, "Kyle"

Client: Dread XP

Super Buff HD (2023)

Role: Various Enemies

Client: Digerati

Guilty Gear -Strive-: The Board Game (2023)

Role: Narrator

Client: Level 99 Games, Arc System Works

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition (2023)

Role: Alternate Enemies

Client: Apogee Entertainment,

New Blood Interactive, Nightdive Studios

SPRAWL (2023)

Role: The Politician

Client: Rogue Games, Inc.

Anthro Heat [18+] (2023)

Role: Vertex

Client: Blue Lizard Studios

Mullet Madjack (2023)

Role: Trailer Narrator

Client: Hammer95 Studios

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer (2023)

Role: Rats

Client: No More Robots

Hundred Acre Wood (2023)

Role: Pooh

Client: B21

Out of Touch [18+] (2023)

Role: Chad Thundercock

Client: Story Anon

Spaceflux (2023)

Role: Cool Fish

Client: Calin Ardelean

MicroWorks (2023)

Role: MikroChip

Client: Agiriko Digital

Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation (2023)

Role: Earl

Client: Ciaran Games

The Foglands (2023)

Role: The Stranger

Client: Well Told Entertainment

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