Gianni Matragrano
Gaming Roles


Unfortunate Spacemen (2020)

Role: Gabriel

Client: New Blood Interactive

Against All Odds Trailer (2020)

Role: Additional Voices

Client: James Dornan

GZ PT (2020)

Role: Additional Voices

Client: Batandy

Treasure Tech Land Demo Trailer (2020)
Role: Announcer
Client: Ultra64

Fallen Aces (Upcoming)

Role: Unarmed Mook, Pistol Goon

Client: New Blood Interactive

Gloomwood (Upcoming)

Role: Prisoner, Guards

Client: New Blood Interactive


Role: Gabriel

Client: New Blood Interactive

Core Decay (Upcoming)

Role: Charon, Player

Client: 3D Realms

Viscerafest [DEMO] (2020)

Role: Cromune

Client: Acid Man Games

Once More [DEMO] (2020)

Role: Jital

Client: Malheur Games

Charge Blade Hero  [DEMO] (2020)

Role: Narrator

Client: Jermaine Leslie

Gloomhaven:  Jaws of the Lion

Roles: Dying Zealot, Golem, Battle Scarred Old Man

Client: Forteller Games

Open Fortress (2020)

Role: Arena Master

Client: Open Fortress

QC: DE (2020)

Role: The Intruder

Client: DBThanatos

American Motorcycle Simulator (2020)

Role: BikerClient: Movie Games

Henchman for Hire (2020)
Role: Dr. Bad
Client: Secret Lab 72

Penance (2020)
Role: The Priest, Final Boss
Client: Akselmo

[MOD] 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018: Red (2019)
Role: Intercom (Dominator)
Client: Noam 2000

BattleCON: Online (2018)
Role: César Grist
Client: Level 99 Games

Battlerite Royale (2018)
Roles: Ezmo, Thorn
Client: Stunlock Studios

Lust for Darkness (2018)
Role: Jonathan
Client: Movie Games Lunarium

[MOD] Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier (2017)
Roles: Brooks, Anthony, Preacher
Client: Lukas Kounoupis

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs (2017)
Role: Ba’Kari
Client: Pixelated Milk


Faeria: Oversky Trailer (2017)

Role: Narrator

Client: Abrakam SA

Faeria Launch Trailer (2017)
Role: Narrator
Client: Abrakam SA

Tower 57 (2017)
Role: The Don
Client: Pixwerk

Renegade Grounds (2017)
Role: Ogoz
Client: Astronomic Games

The Letter (2017)
Role: Additional Voices
Client: Yangyang Mobile

Battlerite (2016)
Roles: Ezmo, Thorn
Client: Stunlock Studios

Heroes of Newerth (2016)
Role: Dark Mana Mage
Client: Frostburn Studios

Fistful of Frags (2015)
Roles: Vigilante, Ranger
Client: Fistful of Frags Team

Lynxman (2015)
Role: Lynxman
Client: Zombie Hunters

Dark Matter: Hudokai (2015)
Role: Phoenix Fox
Client: Black Shell Media LLC

Primal Champions (2015)
Role: Malachi
Client: Happy Ghost Studio

Eden Blue (2015)
Role: Legend
Client: Cartoon Coffee

Data Hacker: Reboot (2015)
Role: Xzus
Client: New Reality Games

Robo-Granny (2015)
Role: Frank
Client: Daniel Cotorogea

Zombie Desperation (2014)
Roles: Agent 7, Mad Scientist, Announcer, Man
Client: Ominous Entertainment

Fearless Fantasy (2014)
Role: Royal Guard
Client: Enter Skies

Pride and Punishment (2014)
Role: Narrator
Client: Cartoon Coffee

A Thug in Time (2013)
Roles: Narrator, Votan
Client: Destructamobile

Fatigue (2013)
Role: Veteran
Client: Gustavs Berzins

Wing Commander Saga (2012)
Roles: Additional Voices
Client: Wing Commander Saga Team

Karsega (2011)
Role: Announcer, Security Guard
Client: YuriyTheBest

Slayer III (2011)
Role: Dristen
Client: ScottProductions

Flying Barry (2011)
Role: Announcer
Client: ArtyomL

Nobuyuki Forces 4 (2011)
Role: Grunts
Client: SKT Products

zOMGies 2 (2011)
Role: Protagonist
Client: Jimp