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Gianni Matragrano
Video Roles

(Year refers to role announcement, not  project release.)

The Forgotten POSTAL Game (2024)

Role: The Dude

Client: A Buff Wizard

Mirabelle Explains SIGNALIS with 

Perfect Accuracy for 23 minutes (2024)

Role: Gabriel

Client: Mirabeau Studios

Lemon (2024)

Role: Wizard

Client: Atastic

Sausage Roll Ad [18+] (2024)

Role: Nuke Dukem

Client: Weredog

Pine-Sol Ad (2024)

Role: Counters Cleaner

Client: Pine-Sol


Role: Dog, Duck, Fish

Client: NCS Artist

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Penultimate Guide (2024)

Role: Narrator

Client: SulMatul

Batman: Arkham Asylum Was Insanely Good (2024)

Role: Joker, Alfred, Killer Croc

Client: Zanny

Duke Nukem Advanced Was Extremely Ambitious (2023)

Role: Duke Nukem

Client: Working Man Games

DEATH BATTLE! Gojo VS Makima (2023)

Role: Satoru Gojo

Client: Rooster Teeth

Research Unit of Horrors (2023)

Role: Samhain

Client: The Uranium Core

Previously, On... (2023)

Role: Narrator, Dirty Harry, Piccolo

Client: Eldercactus

Lovely Complex (2023)

Role: Mr. Maity

Client: Discotek Media

Sri Asih: The Warrior (2023)

Role: Ganda Ghozali, Additional Voices

Client: Shout! Studios

Cabin Tales  (2023)

Role: Reverend, Officer Manny

Client: Thomas Halle

Starbarian Tales Trailer (2023)

Role: Narrator

Client: Harry Partridge


Role: Cat-Man

Client: Austin McConnell

An Incorrect Summary of Elden Ring: Blood and Fire (2023)

Role: Melina, Maliketh

Client: Max0r

Half-Life: Zero Viscosity 2 (2023)

Role: Arena Announcer, G-Man, Glaive-6

Client: Alfubasa

Vita Carnis - Facility-0 (2023)

Role: Alpha Team Leader

Client: Darian Quilloy

No More Requests (2023)

Role: Merchant

Client: NeoCranium

Canon DC Content (2023)

Role: Superman, Batman, Joker

Client: LunyDoobles

DKC: Return To Krocodile Isle Bumper (2023)

Role: Cowboy Bebot

Client: Bootleg Dub

Gunbuster (2023)

Role: Observation Department Head

Client: Discotek Media

Ding Dong Song Metal Cover (2023)

Role: Self

Client: Little V Mills

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