Gianni Matragrano
Video Roles


A Couple of Cuckoos (2022)

Role: Yohei

Client: Crunchyroll

An Incorrect Summary of Elden Ring (2022)

Role: Melina

Client: Max0r

Triple K.O. (2022)

Role: Announcer

Client: Triple K.O.

The Prince of Tennis II (2022)

Role: Ryuji Tsuge

Client: Funimation

Nightmare Reaper - Barrels O' Fun

Role: Self

Client: Civvie11

Thermae Romae Novae (2022)

Role: Ceionius, Extras

Client: Netflix

Batman & Robin - What Happened? (2022)

Role: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Client: Matt McMuscles

The Bekkoning Noizemaker (2022)

Role: Pusher

Client: Deft Beck

JJBA Stardust Crusaders in 6 Minutes (2022)

Role: Joseph Joestar

Client: Team Four Star

Master Chief VS Noble 6 (2022)

Role: Master Chief

Client: HaloFollower

Why "The Space Between" is Brilliant Horror (2022)

Role: Martin

Client: SulMatul

Tribe Nine (2022)

Role: Hyakutaro Senju

Client: Funimation

The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki - Vertigo Machine (2022)

Role: Narrator

Client: Civvie 11

Tiny President (2022)

Role: Tiny President

Client: Doobus Goobus

The Awakener (2022)

Role: Erico, Guard

Client: Shout! Factory

An Incorrect Summary of Metal Gear Rising (2022)

Role: Senator Armstrong

Client: Max0r

Nightmare (2022)

Role: G-Man

Client: Neal Leon

Calamity [AUDIO DRAMA] (2022)

Role: Sheriff Boyd, Captain O'Rourke

Client: Twisted Tangent

The Metalgear Rising Hypercut(2021)

Role: Senator Armstrong

Client: Jimothy Ross

Epithet Erased Dolls Commercial (2021)

Role: Narrator

Client: JelloApocalypse

DEATH BATTLE!  Akuma VS Shao Kahn (2021)

Role: Shao Kahn

Client: Rooster Teeth

Art Eater Podcast Trailer (2021)

Role: Man, Spooky Man

Client: Art Eater Podcast

The Killer Gentleman Trailer (2021)

Role: Narrator, The Killer Gentleman, Extras

Client: Franceso Vujicevic

Reign of Lords (2021)

Role: Draedon

Client: CDMusic

CALL ME (2021)

Role: Mysterious Voices

Client: Bonesaw577

Road to Lotus (2021)

Role: Shinzo

Client: DemonGroceryStore

DEATH BATTLE!  Batman VS Iron Man (2021)

Role: Batman

Client: Rooster Teeth

Bootleg Dub: DKC Bumper (2021)

Role: TOM

Client: Martin Lis

A Completely Accurate Summary of Half Life (2021)

Role: G-Man

Client: Williaso

Astromon! (2021)

Role: Dusty

Client: DannyGoodShirt

Valheim |  The Medieval Experience (2021)

Role: Narrator

Client: TheNamesJunkie

The Round Table Furball (2021)

Role: Pixy

Client: Avarik von Nom

Does it hurt? (2021)

Role: Enji Todoroki

Client: yugiohvampire

P & Foo Adventures (2021)

Role: Foo

Client: Mr. Foo

Cinemassacre Podcast (2021)

Role: Announcer

Client: Cinemassacre

Crime Scene Kitchen Is A Very Weird Cooking Show (2021)

Role: Columbo

Client: Sarah Z

Hitmal Kickstarter Trailer (2021)

Role: Announcer

Client: Robalbo Comics

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (2021)

Role: Werepanther, Additional Voices

Client: Funimation

Heroic Halo - The Covenant Slayer (2021)

Role: Master Chief

Client: Indeimaus

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? (2021)

Role: Kengo

Client: Funimation

Three Courses Trailer (2021)

Role: Narrator

Client: JobJob, LLC

How to Absolutely NOT Play Magic the Gathering (2021)

Role: Announcer

Client: Wizards of the Coast

Fists of Fulp (2021)

Role: Tom Fulp

Client: DannyGoodShirt

DEATH BATTLE! Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom (2021)

Role: Lex Luthor

Client: Rooster Teeth

The Quantum Smike [TEASER] (2021)

Role: Saul Goodman

Client: Jixaw

Doge Vandire's Last Stand (2021)

Role: Doge Vandire

Client: Adeptus Ridiculous

Captain Claw Review (2021)

Role: Claw

Client: Working Man Games

Bible Study (2021)

Role: G-Man

Client: Neal Leon

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (2021)

Role: Minotaur

Client: Funimation

Memories: Stink Bomb (2021)

Role: Kamata

Client: Discotek Media

Pro Wolfenstein 3D (2021)

Role: B.J. Blazkowicz

Client: Civvie 11

The OTHER Duke Nukem Games Review (2021)

Role: Duke Nukem

Client: Working Man Games

Talking About Tapes (2021)

Role: Narrator

Client: Hack The Movies

Manga 0 Trailer (2021)

Role: Spike Spiegel

Client: Arkhaives at Midnight

Emperor Santa (2020)

Role: Santa

Client: DannyGoodShirt

Blazing Shadows (2020)

Role: Kitsune

Client: Think Big Studios

Little Worker (2020)

Roles: All

Client: TagAnimationz

Late Night Tumblr Posts (2020)

Role: Reader

Client: P.M. Seymour

Bootleg Dub: F-Zero Overdrive (2020)

Role: Chief

Client: Martin Lis

Universe's Finest Fandub (2020)

Role: Lobo

Client: Darrell Harris

The Mishima Hairline (2020)

Role: Heihachi

Client: Speedoru

FMAB Abridged (2020)

Role: Mustang

Client: The Schmuck Squad

Dr. Good's Operating Theatre (2020)

Role: Dr. Good

Client: DannyGoodShirt

Arte (2020)
Role: Leo
Client: Funimation

Siren Head vs. Cartoon Cat (2020)
Role: Siren Head
Client: Video Game Rap Battles

Leopards Frontier (2020)
Role: Leopard One
Client: Joe A.

A Bird, a Bottle, and a Microbiome (2020)
Role: Narrator
Client: MK Douma

Siren Head vs. Slender Man (2020)
Role: Siren Head
Client: Video Game Rap Battles

Tutorial Stage Trailer (2020)
Role: Announcer
Client: Tutorial Stage

The Hound and The Blade (2020)
Role: Pizza Guy
Client: SeigiVA

Detective Pikachu Noir (2020)
Role: Detective Pikachu
Client: 64 Bits

The History of Spawn (2020)
Role: Spike Spiegel
Client: Arkhaives at Midnight

JC Denton Shops for Clothes (2020)
Roles: JC Denton, Paul Denton
Client: Shiro

What The Transformers Think of 2020 (2020)
Roles: Air Raid, Jetfire
Client: Johnnyflash

5B5 21RST. VOL. III (2020)
Role: Spike Spiegel
Client: Arkhaives at Midnight

You Can’t Just Blow Your Load (2020)
Role: Samuel Hayden
Client: Fabioproductions

Friday Night Egg Fights (2020)
Role: Announcer
Client: DatAshhh

Do Me a Favor (2020)
Role: Pathfinder
Client: SeigiVA

Baketred (2020)
Role: The Crusader
Client: Foxtongue (메롱여우)

Gargoyle: Episode 2 (2020)
Roles: Robert, Warning Narrator
Client: Miguel Ramirez